Painter Eila Ekman-Björkman

Painter Eila Ekman-Björkman finds inspiration in everything that she comes across. She is flooded with ideas that yearn to be fulfilled and this is the basis of a passionate continuous lifework. The result is a pictorial tale of the soul`s visions, decorative and at the same time a profound world of colors. Eila Ekman-Björkman is considered an expressionistic fauvist, but her fauvism is not only superficial colorism, it captures along with the richness of color and shape a mystical moment, a thought from deep within.

Eila Ekman-Björkman is an extraordinary Finnish artist. She feels, ponders and observes the world`s mysteries with her eyes wide open, assisted by her innate talent to use the paintbrush. Strong colors declare her attitude towards the world. With the help of her paintbrush she fights against the anguish of humanity and the suffering in the world. Man, nature and mystics are the primary subjects in her paintings. Yet, perhaps man is still the most important. This is confirmed by her long and reputed career as a portraitist, a major part of her art